What is "The Bedford Franklin"?


The Bedford Franklin Corporation was founded in 2017 with the mission of providing a hands-on learning environment and educationally sound field-trips for children ages  5-12.

All programs have a foundation of Basic Math and Reading Comprehension skills while allowing children the opportunity to explore STEM, Arts, and Entrepreneurship.

All lessons are created for the children to have FUN while Learning and being affordable for parents.Programs welcome home-schoolers, public & private & charter school students. 

 "The Bedford Franklin Approach" to teaching and the learning environment is based on the evidence that “active and project-based learning” arenas are the most effective learning environments.  

The Bedford Franklin is the product of a love for education

 from the heart of Mrs. Victoria G. Smith, Founder/President. Her experience as a student, and many classroom roles such as after-school counselor, intern, and substitute teacher, caused Mrs. Smith to notice that many students disliked schools, necessary skills for life were not being taught or mentioned, teachers disliked teaching, lessons were boring, and students were hardly learning. 

As the start of a solution, Mrs. Smith created The Bedford Franklin to fill in the gaps created by the public school system, and to provide a space where "learning is fun"!!

The BFC's sister organization, “Royalty Academy", provides programs for children ages 2 through grades 3 with "hands-on" learning activities.

For information on The Bedford Franklin's policies, procedures, and behavioral conduct please read our Parent Information Handbook.

The Bedford Franklin's long term goal is to create a network of schools that provide students of grades 4-12 with applicable knowledge and practiced skills that will bring them success in their adult life.


Parent Information Handbook

Welcome, to The Bedford Franklin Corporation.
This parent packet will provide you with all the necessary information regarding your child’s care and instruction during program attendance.

The Bedford Franklin Corporation exists to provide members and participants with educational programs based in the "active learning" theory, which foster and enhance life skills and promote a life-long love of learning.

The Bedford Franklin is a place where all children are treated fairly and with respect. Unkindness is not tolerated from any participant or staff member towards any participant, staff member, or non-participating persons. Unfair treatment will be addressed and if continued, person behaving in such a manner, staff or participant, will be disallowed/banned from all Bedford Franklin programs.

Standards(Discipline)& Regulations:
No type of physical punishment is permitted. Positive reinforcement and/or redirection are used will all ages. A staff member will go over the Bedford Franklin's behavioral expectations t the start of every program. We reserve the right to ask that parents go over the rules and regulations with their children before the start of a program so that children will have an understanding of what is expected of them during program hours. Any major conduct issue will be documented for the parent/guardian and sent home at pick-up.
If there are any issues that we should expect regarding behavior, we ask that you communicate that to a program instructor. Communication is very important, we are happy to work with you to ensure that all parties remain content and in good standing.
We reserve the right to ask parents to make temporary or permanent arrangements for their child if conduct problems cannot be resolved.

A secure, safe environment is very important to The Bedford Franklin. All participants/members must be signed in and out by a parent in the presence of a staff member. Children must not be left at the door or allowed to walk in from the car by themselves. They must be escorted to the presence of a staff member.
All parents and children will be photographed on the first day of any "drop-off" programs to maintain a physical record along with their registration form. This is to insure the children's safety for who is enrolled and who is designated to pick-up. We will not release your child to anyone under the age of eighteen, and proper identification will be asked of designated people authorized to pickup who are not parents/guardians of the child. For any non-drop off programs: Parents/Guardians are required to sign in legibly using the name on their valid government-issed Identification, as well as their child(ren) name and valid/working contact number. 


It is not a requirement that you call us to let us know that your child will be absent. However, it is the understanding that no portion will be refunded based on absence. We reserve the right to require that you call us if you are running late to ensure that the children are dropped off at the right location and that a staff member will be awaiting their arrival. We require that participants be present for a program no later than 15 minutes after the start time of that program.


We are not able to provide care for children who are sick. Please keep your child home for at least 24 hours if he/she has had: fever, vomiting, diarrhea, pinkeye, wheezing, nasal discharge, or symptoms of disease such as chicken pox. We will call you to have your child picked up if he/she displays any of the mentioned signs/symptoms. All temperatures will be taken with an oral thermometer. We will not have the capacity to isolate your child and so we ask that you pick them up within one hour of our call. If your child is sent home please do not bring them the following day, allow 24 complete hours free of symptoms before returning.

Whenever possible please give all medications outside of program hours. Before any medication is given by a staff member, written authorization must be in your child's registration file. The exact dosage and time must be recorded for medication to be distributed properly. We do not give over the counter medication to any children.

We reserve the right to refuse participation to children or families who have demonstrated disharmony regarding the purpose, policies, standards and regulations of any of The Bedford Franklin Corporation programs.

All educational information will be presented with un-biased teaching and using only positive language. Information and activities will only promote positive conduct and subject concepts. All program curriculum focuses on “active learning” and accurate information to provide participants the opportunity to grow in their understanding, creativity, and attainment. All programs are geared to inspire your child to form a life-long love of learning by fun experiences with great topic content.

All participants should arrive with packed lunch for any field trip offered through other programs. We ask that lunch is packed instead of lunch-money as there is no suitable food vendor in the area during lunch time. All food and other allergies are required on the registration form, and staff will have a list on them daily of children with allergies. The Bedford Franklin maintains a nut-free environment and we ask that participants do not bring any food that has nuts or has been processed with nuts.
A breakfast and after-noon snack will be provided. The menu will be attached to your program itinerary.

The Bedford Franklin's response to natural disaster will be governed by instructions given by local authorities. If Duval County public and educational institutions are required to close, then we will close also. We will follow Duval County guidelines for opening after a disaster.
It is crucial that children react in a safe and orderly fashion during emergencies, so we will practice routine safety drills in accordance with safety procedures and evacuations plans of locations we are attending. We ask that you remind your child to behave in a safe manner prior to the start of a program.
In the event of an emergency, we will notify you as soon as possible. If communication is unavailable we will make every safe attempt to get some form of communication to update you. 

We take all precautions to prevent your child from being injured during their stay with The Bedford Franklin. In the event of an injury you will be provided an accident report for all injuries and notified by phone. If the injury requires certified medical attention, medical authorities will be called and a staff member will stay with your child until a guardian/parent or designated person can arrive. All parents are required to sign the waiver upon registration and inform their child about safe conduct to avoid injury.

Participants must be dressed in comfortable clothing and shoes designated for travel and/or  play for that  program session. Comfortable shoes include closed toes and closed backs, flip flops are not allowed. Please dress your child appropriately in accordance with the daily weather report. Neon colored shirts are designated for each student during field trips and will be collected and cleaned at the end of each day.

Participants will be photographed frequently throughout the program. Most photos will be used for social media and newsletter bulletins for program marketing. We will make the best attempt not to take direct face pictures unnecessarily. As a parent/guardian, you have the right to not have your child photographed or in photographs used in advertising publications.

Program Fees:
The Bedford Franklin relies on promptly paid fees to operate. All other program fees are due before admission into the program.

Field Trips:
Before the start of a travel program, parents will receive a Travel Itinerary & Schedule. This will include dates times locations and contact information of field trips. The waiver release form that was signed during registration applies to all field trips and the signature is permission acknowledgement for your child to participate in all activities. If you choose to not have your child participate in an activity, please send a written notice for the Director. If you choose to not have your attend a certain trip please keep them home that day, with the understanding that you will not be re-compensated for the day.
Staff will have safety procedures and evacuation plans for all field trip locations and will go over proper emergency conduct upon arrival at location in accordance with the local safety guidelines.

 The current transportation provider is BlazingStar Conveyance Transporations LLC. 

Parent/Guardian Rights:
Parents/Guardians have a right to know:
That their child will be safe under the care of The Bedford Franklin staff.
That all children will be treated fairly regardless of race, creed, national origin, economic status, gender, or age and that each child will be treated as an individual.
That staff are trained and experience in child care and development.
That any negative or cruel behavior will not be tolerated among or between participants or staff.
That everyone will be treated with courtesy by all Bedford Franklin staff.
That parents have a right to discuss their concerns with the Director of The Bedford Franklin Corporation, and they will be listened to carefully and everything will be done to address and resolve the issue.
That parents/guardians have a right to visit or participate at any time.
That a record is kept of everyone participating in a program, and extreme vigilance is kept while participants are out in public.

Participants/Members Rights:
Participants/Members have a right to:
Be treated fairly regardless of race, creed, national origin, economic status, gender, or age and that each will be treated as an individual with respect.
Be kept safe by members of staff during programs and in the event of emergency.
Discuss their concerns with the Director of The Bedford Franklin Corporation, and they will be listened to carefully and everything will be done to address and resolve the issue.
Contact their parent/guardian when requested.

Behavioral Expectations:

All participants must use their hands only on creative activities or to give help; which excludes: snatching, slapping, hitting, pinching, pushing, rubbing, inappropriate touching, grabbing, crude jestering, etc.

All participants must use positive language when communicating with other participants and staff: this excludes: teasing, jeering, gossiping, quarreling, instigating, crude jokes, the words "stupid" "ugly", or any other insulting language that demeans a human being.

All participants must give the respect of "listening" when an instructor  is presenting information or a fellow participant is sharing their ideas; which excludes: interrupting others mid-sentence, making rude remarks, whispering, laughing, or any other form of interruptions.

All participants must respect the differences of others; which excludes any discriminatory, racist, hurtful, or harmful actions or comments.

All participants must only contribute to the best of their ability and with their best attitude.

The Bedford Franklin is pleased to have your child join us for our program. We ensure their safety and a “fun-filled learning experience”